Asphalt Paving

At ACI, our team of professionals stands by the quality and value of the work we do and our commitment to the longevity, safety and aesthetic value of your commercial parking facilities.



Serving the Twin Cities and all Minnesota suburbs Since 1993.


ACI has the staff and state of the art equipment to offer a complete line of asphalt parking lot repairs/patching and installation services. concrete repairs, commercial sealcoating and crack filling.



Infrared Patching


Infrared technology offers ACI experts an innovative asphalt patching method.



Park Trail Repair


ACI adds value to your parks and campuses with our full-service paving solutions, including install, maintenance, seal coating, trailmat and crack sealing.



American Disabilities Act. Compliance.

The laws have changed. Are you compliant? Contact your ACI Professional for a compliance audit.


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Concrete Services & Maintenance

Concrete can be a major contributor to both curb appeal and public safety at a building site.  Ask your ACI Professional about curbs, flat work, catch basin, valley gutters and more...



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Serving all major Minnesota cities and surrounding suburbs

We are a full service asphalt and concrete installation and maintenance company. ACI has the staff and state of the art equipment to offer a complete line of asphalt services: paving, parking lot repair, grading, milling, excavating, patching, cracksealing, asphalt emulsion sealcoating, asphalt repair, MACMAT surface treatment, infared patching and project management services. For all of your asphalt repair and parking lot repair, look to ACI Asphalt. 

ACI provides pavement solutions for all types of properties: Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, Churches, Townhomes, Condominiums and Apartments.


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At ACI, our experts understand that pavement management is a critical component of facility upkeep — one that creates challenges with both budgets and liability issues. Since 1993, ACI has been fully committed to helping commercial customers in the Twin Cities metro area get the best value for their dollar on pavement installation, repair and maintenance. We also provide a full range of preventative asphalt maintenance solutions that will greatly extend the quality lifespan of parking lot surfaces and structures, and ultimately save you time and money. Our preventative services include: asphalt patching and repair, seal coating, crack sealing, concrete maintenance, catch basin adjustment and pavement marking. We also provide structural maintenance services, such as asphalt removal and replacement, resurfacing, catch basin installation and concrete repair and restoration.


Feature Projects

The MACMAT Install - Lexus of Wayzata.


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