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Maintenance of pavement is a serious and costly issue for commercial property owners and building managers, but costs can be minimized and headaches eliminated if the process is managed properly over time. ACI offers proactive maintenance programs that utilize long-term planning to optimize maintenance dollars and anticipate future budgetary needs. Effective pavement management generally involves consideration of maintenance requirements for 2-5 years out.

ACI experts first inspect your property to identify specific pavement conditions and repair needs. At this point we will also check for possible causes of previous pavement failure, such as poor design, lack of maintenance, excessive watering, traffic or salting, snow plow damage or poor drainage. Defects and recommended repairs are then ranked by cost of repair and severity so that a prioritized list can be generated. Next we’ll develop a strategy that allows us to reach the desired outcome while being mindful of the priorities and associated costs.

Once our customer has approved our strategic plan, schedules and budgets are set up so that all maintenance and rehabilitation procedures can be completed as scheduled. After the process has begun, ACI professionals will monitor the outcomes and pavement conditions at the site(s) on an annual basis, so that needed adjustments can be made to the initial maintenance plan.

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