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Patching is a good solution to extending the life of pavement when small, isolated areas have deteriorated and need to be repaired quickly. ACI professionals utilize several methods of patching, and the one we recommend for a specific project will depend on the condition of the overall surface and the severity of the deterioration.

Asphalt Patching Methods:

Pothole Patching — This method involves manually installing new asphalt mix and compacting the area. ACI provides emergency pothole patching with a “cold patch” product during the winter season. Although this repair is quick and inexpensive, it’s only a temporary fix, because it doesn’t correct any underlying problems.

Infrared Thermal Bond Patching — This quick and cost-effective method of patching involves reheating a deteriorated section of pavement and blending new asphalt to create a seamless patch. This patch can be done all year round.

Surface Patching — This patch requires a partial depth removal by milling the surface of the asphalt, cleaning it, and then installing new asphalt. This procedure removes surface defects and the repair will generally last about 2-3 years.

Dig Out Patching (Full-Depth Patch) — With this process, the deteriorated asphalt is fully removed to the base before installing the new asphalt. This is the most long-term repair of the four listed.

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