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Infrared Patching

Infrared technology offers ACI experts an innovative asphalt patching method that is becoming more widely used, especially for crucial repairs in high-traffic areas. During this highly effective process, the top 2-3 inches of the damaged surface is heated to 325 degrees by infrared rays. Then hot-mix asphalt is blended in with the original asphalt, and the entire area is compacted to create a seamless restoration. These indirect rays provide deep penetration repair without burning or scaling the asphalt, and without separating it from the aggregate.

There are several benefits of Infrared asphalt patching that make it a good option here in the Midwest, where “freeze-thaw cycles” can cause asphalt to fail rapidly, creating dangerous “potholes” in areas with high traffic. Because the infrared patch bonds directly to the existing surface, it produces no joints for water to penetrate. The patching procedure takes less time to complete than other methods, and the patch can be driven on almost immediately, so disruption in high-traffic areas is minimal. In addition, the infrared asphalt patching is cost effective because the process requires fewer raw materials than other more traditional methods. The cost savings can add up quickly in this part of the country, where extreme temperature fluctuations and potholes occur on a regular basis.

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