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The markings on a newly paved parking lot have two primary functions: curb appeal and safety. The first impression of your company that customers and visitors to your building site will often get is when entering your parking lot. The color contrast of freshly painted stripes adds visual appeal and indicates a high level of care by management. Markings that are clearly painted and a parking lot that is carefully planned are critical to traffic flow and pedestrian safety. They also reinforce the positive impression of visitors to your site by directing them safely and easily around your parking lot and into your facility.

At ACI, we use only high quality, eco-friendly painting materials and the latest equipment to complete pavement-marking projects efficiently. Our experts can help you design a layout option for your lot that will maximize space and ensure smooth traffic flow, while allotting optimal space for designated and handicapped parking and strictly following the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ACA).

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