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image1.jpgWe stand firmly behind the quality of our work. That’s the NUMBER ONE reason why people continue to do business with us year after year. Our first priority is to take care of our customers by meeting or exceeding expectations and delivering what we promise on time and on budget.

At ACI, your quality assurance evaluation begins as soon as you get your initial quote and continues throughout the entire process — to your post-job inspection and beyond. From start to finish, we maintain a clear path of communication between our customer, project managers, site engineer and all other team members and support staff involved. We begin each project by reviewing a comprehensive list of detailed procedures that need to be completed at each stage of the process. This list is used to log completed work and project notes of all team members. The quality assurance program at ACI operates on a comprehensive basis in order to ensure superior quality on all levels, at each stage of the job.

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